Cuts in school funding – Here’s how you can help.

The impacts of COVID-19 on public education are undeniable.

Schools are facing decreasing revenues. Local businesses are suffering. Furloughs and layoffs are affecting many families.

Many of our previous donors will not be able to support our students as much as they have in the past. As a result, fundraising for our students is likely to drop, which means programs will be cut.

Our schools are facing budget cuts that will impact every single student. Because of COVID-19, the School District is projecting a decrease in revenues from city sales taxes that benefit our schools.

This means the district loses millions of dollars. The loss of these funds makes your donation even more necessary. There are no extra funds for enriching programs you value. It’s up to you to protect the important staff and programs funded by donations.

These economic difficulties are happening right when students need creative outlets and flexible programs the most.

We can’t let budget cuts or a decrease in donations impact the important staff and programs funded by contributions to the Ed Foundation. That’s why Santa Monica students need you to contribute as much as you can.

You can help. Your gift today will fund instruction that is essential to student success.

Crucial staff and programs like arts, STEM, and health and wellness, whether they are delivered online or in-person, depend on your donation.

Your support is important, now more than ever. Will you give today so that Santa Monica students thrive? I hope you will give now using our online form.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Linda Greenberg
Executive Director

P.S. Please know that ANY donation, no matter the amount, is appreciated, especially during these difficult times. Every single gift truly makes an impact.