Your Donations at Work: College Readiness at Samohi

Samohi has decided to use a portion of their donation-funded stretch grant to support Naviance, a key college readiness softward program. Read on to learn more in this letter that the Samohi principal sent to famililes.

Dear Samohi Families, College and career readiness is at the core of our mission at Samohi. We also realize it’s one of the most stressful aspects of the high school years for both parents and students. I wanted to take a moment of your time to highlight one of the great tools in our toolkit that helps students get prepared for life after Samohi: the Naviance program. Naviance is comprehensive college and career readiness software that is invaluable to our students and college counseling staff. In Naviance, students and counselors can track all aspects of the college application process. Students research schools and narrow down their application list. They track deadlines. They request letters of recommendation and transcripts, which are then easily sent to the appropriate schools by their teachers and counselors. (No more printing and mailing transcripts and letters for each student to each school! Imagine the savings in stamps alone!) Naviance includes built-in assessments that suggest career paths or college majors. It allows our college counselors to send out timely reminders about deadlines and other important information. It also houses information about all Samohi-specific scholarships for seniors, allowing students to apply through the software. We’ve chosen to use funds from our Ed Foundation stretch grant to pay for the Naviance program for every student at Samohi. Your donations to the Ed Foundation make all this possible! If you have already donated to the Ed Foundation, thank you. If you haven’t yet, please donate now at to ensure we can continue this program for our students. Sincerely, Dr. Antonio Shelton Principal