SMMUSD Fundraising Change – What Does It Mean?

June 29, 2018

On June 28,2018, the school board approved a revision to Board Policy 3290 that changes the structure of fundraising in our district. As you probably saw in Dr. Drati’s message about this, the board designated the Ed Foundation to raise funds for district-approved programs in Santa Monica schools and authorized a separate Malibu-based nonprofit (TBD) to raise funds for the same programs in Malibu schools.

With our new focus on fundraising solely for programs in Santa Monica, we are planning to change our name to the Santa Monica Education Foundation.

So, what does this change mean? Donations to the Santa Monica Education Foundation will continue to fund outstanding programs – elementary arts, instructional assistants, ballroom dance and stretch grants – but now, only in our Santa Monica schools. A separate, Malibu-based nonprofit will fundraise for the same programs in Malibu. Malibu families will be hearing from their non-profit fundraising entity soon.

The district maintains its dedication to equitable, excellent programs at every school in the district. In the discussions leading up to this change, equity was a key focus. If Malibu and/or Santa Monica raise more than is needed to pay for the programs already approved by the district, the additional funds may be placed in an endowment, rolled over to fund future programs, or fund new programs that are approved by the district.

I believe this change will lead to even stronger support for our schools in both Santa Monica and Malibu. I hope it will inspire you to support our children no matter where you live!


Linda Greenberg

Executive Director

P.S. Please know that the funds raised in 2017-2018 will fund programs at both Santa Monica and Malibu schools in 2018-2019. The separate fundraising begins on July 1 for programs in 2019-2020.