Test Your Ed Foundation Knowledge

​True or False?

1. Your donation to the Ed Foundation funds instructional assistants, P.S. ARTS and stretch grants for science, student wellness and more.

True! Every donation to the Ed Foundation funds outstanding programs for Santa Monica students. See the Programs by School page for a complete list.

2. The Ed Foundation decides what programs your donations fund.

False! Each year, the Ed Foundation gives a grant to the school district, based on how much has been raised, and the Board of Education determines how these funds are spent, with input from the Superintendent and community.

Currently, some of the funds provide for stretch grants for each school. Each school’s Site Council decides what programs to fund with their stretch grant. Most schools fund arts, STEM and/or student health and wellness programs.

3. California consistently ranks in the bottom 10 states in funding for TK-12 education.

True! In 2017, California ranked 41st out of 50 states in spending per K-12 student.
(Source: California Budget and Policy Center)

4. Your donation helps every student receive the best possible education.

True! Donating to the Ed Foundation is the only way to support programs that impact every student in Santa Monica.

Want to learn more? Check you the Mission and History and Frequently Asked Questions pages.