Donor Recognition Circles

Every child deserves the best public education possible. The Ed Foundation raises funds to ensure all students have well-rounded classroom experiences that successfully position them for their future.

We proudly acknowledge the individuals, organizations and foundations that join us in this effort with gifts of $2,500 or more to our Annual Fund in the Superintendent’s Circle or Leadership Circle. Learn about the benefits of Superintendent’s Circle or Leadership Circle membership or join today by donating online.

For more information about this program and benefits, please contact Tova Larsen, Director of Major Gifts: 310-450-8338 x70397 or

Superintendent’s Circle

List as of March 29, 2021

Leader: $25,000 - $49,999

Crandall Family
Jane Schmitz and Adam Richards

Champion: $15,000 - $24,999

Kyle and Kristen Jeffers
Elizabeth Urquhart and Tim Sehn

Benefactor: $10,000 - $14,999

Chen Family
Rebecca and Doug Drew
Guggenheim Family
Chris Harding and Laurie Lieberman
Hoang/Krechman Family
Sunny and Joshua Holden
Edward and Nancy Kummer
Kushi Family
Julica Menegatti and Jonathan Cristoforetti
Nimish and Nancy Patel
Steven Raman and Indira Subramanian
Safavi Family
Nadya Scott
Joyce and Edwin Shen
Sullivan Family
Phillip Tate
Zaczepinski Family

Advocate: $7,5000 - $9,999

Joyce Abbott and Robert TeSelle
A-Mark Foundation on behalf of the Frcek Family
Cindy and Adam Miller

Patron: $5,000 - $7,499

Anonymous (2)
John Adler and Gerda Newbold
Baracy Family
Jennifer and Tom Bevan
Kim and Steve Eyler
Forsyth Family
Gallagher Riggs Family
Kirsten and Matt Gruenberg
Hanssens Family
Alison and Derek Havel
Susanne Hempel and Jeremy Miles
Rich and Michon Herman
Therese Kelly and Peter Kovac
Lahave Family
Zuzana Riemer Landres and Shawn Landres
Wes and Paula Larmore
Levitt Family
Yolanda Lewis and Joel Koury
Lloyd-Phillips Family
Deb Love and Rob Corn
George Molsbarger and The Squid & Squash Foundation
Naini Family
Naylor Family
Kimberly and Michael Ong
Jon and Renee Penn
Piacentini-Pataki Family
Christina Rogers and Gene Klein
Duncan Rolph and Eileen Chin
Alice and Ira Rosenberg
Sanders Family
Santa Monica College Faculty Association
Quynh and Jeffrey Sebastian
Claudia and Steven Seizer
Naomi Seligman and Andrew Gumbel
Suchada and Sidney Shu
Somaini Family
Marilyn and Gary Speakman
Srivastava Family
Brian and Melissa Tarsky
Chris and Roger Thornton
Thorpe Family
Ty/Nishio Family
Dr. Klara Vogel
David and Elaine Vukadinovich
Elisabeth and Tim Ward
Flavia and Seth Zeleznik

PTA Contributions

Champion: $15,000 - $24,999

Franklin Elementary School PTA

Benefactor: $10,000 - $14,999

Roosevelt Elementary School PTA

Patron: $5,000 - $7,499

Will Rogers Learning Community PTA

Leadership Circle


Abramson Family
Charles and Christina Allen
John and Kelly Baudhuin
Beckett Family
Bell Family
Bellanger Family
Brad and Elyse Bennett
Anita Bhatia
Mark and Ellen Borenstein
Megan Bouttier Cuevas and Jose Cuevas
Glenn and Cara Brander
Briller Family
Canale Family
Katherine Carman and Alerk Amin
Williana Chang and Dan Candela
Jin Chang and Val Chan
Lora Cicconi and Jeffrey Nord
Susan Elizabeth Coccari
Brian Colker and Susan Sheu
Stephan and Catherine Corbel
Stephanie and Matthew Covington
Steven and Alina Cummings
Gleam Davis and John Prindle
Janie and Daniel Docter
Damla Dogan and Adam Cohen
Jonathan Dworkin
Silke and Martin Eichholz
Nikoo and Pedram Enayati
Gregory Ervin and Victoria Riego
Fischer Family
Iljie and Michael Fitzgerald
Foy Family
Andrew Fried and Kristin Martin
Susan Gates and Jonathan Rho
Susan Goldfarb and David Fickbohm
Chris and Nicole Gordon
Tiffany Grunwald, MD
Eoin and Sally Gubbins
Gunn Family
Jessica and Ralph Haberli
Freeman and Suzann Hall
Gladys Happer
Rebel and Keith Harrison
Haykinson Family
Kerri and Richard Hill
Blythe Holden and Doug Trussler
Hong Family
Brian Horner and Fiona Garlich Horner
Ben and Jade Hsiang
Sarah and Jeff Hughes
Jeffrey P. and Bettysue Hughes Foundation
Dean and Maryellen Jensen
Team Joe-Yee
Jon and Beth Kean
Lague-Domingue Family
Lee Family
Michael Lemkin
Janet Levin and Frank Gruber
Scott and Elysia Lippman
Loughlin Family
Clifton Ma and Wai Mei Lee
Elvira Mandic and Girish Patil
Maniar Family
Elizabeth and Paul Marsolan
McIver Family
McPhail Family
Scott and Jacquie Menville
Messina Family
Morawiec Family
Rosie and Kevin Morris Family
Much Family
Sara Neff and Mark Ganek
Thea Nesis
Ryan Olson and Rebecca Braverman
Edie and Tom Ortenberg
Matt and Kim Peterson
Petrigliano Family
Lionel Popkin and Alex Purves
Jennifer and Steve Raymond
Ribeiro/Roumian Family
Robertson Family
Edward and Johanna Rogers
Joe and Luba Rosenblum
Shahar Roth and Julia Socolovsky
Suzie Roth and H. Max Greenhut
Ronnie and Stan Rubin
Liz and Morris Salem
Pantipa Sarai and Roy Cheung
Schatzow Family
Helmut and Rita Scholze
Schpok Family
Grace and Scott Shu
Sinecky-Rodes Family
Arthur Southam and Cornelia Daly Family
Joel Spolin and Margot Parker
Bill and Melissa Steelman
Stevelman Family
Mehran and Laila Taslimi
Beck Taylor and Ted Winterer
Drew and Beth Traglia
Katie Tuerk
Mark and Melissa Varo
Vecore Family
Dani Vogt and Brandon Roker
Waterstone Family
Williams Family
Ronald Williams and Cynthia Miller
Wu Family
Lisa and Andrew Yao
Yurechko Family
Zarouk Family

PTA Contributions

Santa Monica High School PTSA

2019-2020 Superintendent’s and Leadership Circle Members
2018-2019 Superintendent’s and Leadership Circle Members
2017-2018 Superintendent’s and Leadership Circle Members
2016-2017 Superintendent’s and Leadership Circle Members