A New Look for Your Ed Foundation

We’ve Launched!

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to introduce you to the new Santa Monica Education Foundation!

In June, the Board of Education changed the structure of fundraising in our district and designated the Ed Foundation to raise funds for personnel, programs and professional development in Santa Monica schools only (a Malibu-based nonprofit will raise funds for the same programs in Malibu schools). All donations to the Ed Foundation now solely benefit Santa Monica students, and we have changed our name to the Santa Monica Education Foundation.

With the name change comes new branding that celebrates how donations to the Ed Foundation help Santa Monica students soar. Thank you to Josh Freeman and his team at FreeAssociates for donating their talent and expertise to build this new brand for us.

We also have a new web address - smedfoundation.org.

We are thrilled to launch our new name and to continue working with you to ensure that all Santa Monica students have access to an incredible education.


Linda Greenberg
Executive Director

August 7, 2018