Your Donations in the Classroom - P.S. ARTS at Juan Cabrillo

Your donations to the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation support amazing programs, like the P.S. ARTS music program for Juan Cabrillo Elementary’s K – 2 students.

“Red! Green! Both!” Rachel Galper, P.S. ARTS Music Teaching Artist, gives direction as Nancy Jordan’s and Patty Mehring’s kindergarteners take turns waving red and green gauzy scarves in the air. “It’s a pattern!” five-year-old Angie giggles with excitement, as she tosses her scarf in the air and anticipates the next step in this impromptu dance. Rachel is the talented and energetic P.S. ARTS teacher who fills Room 20 with song, dance, creativity, and joy each week for Cabrillo’s K-2 students. a trained and certified Orff-Schulwerk instructor, Rachel also has an extensive background in musical theater and it shows as she engages students in a dramatic Turkey Tango. Students in Rachel’s class are learning the basic building blocks of music education. Rachel uses a “listening map” as a way for students to visualize the music of Tchaikosvsky. She exposes them to musical terminology as they sing “forte, piano, adagio, and allegro.” Students develop their sense of rhythm and musicality through singing, dancing, and instrumentation. “I love creating a space for students to explore their dramatic side. At the beginning of the year, some of the children are a bit shy. By now they have more confidence and can let their creativity bubble up as we sing, play the Orff instruments, and move to music. They’re not afraid to ask questions, take an active role, or add their own creative twists.” Angie used to be one of the shy ones, but you’d never know it watching her do the Turkey Tango across the floor. She moves with focus and concentration, “Step, step, step, step…dramatic pause…clap, clap!” Then, she turns to face the opposite direction and does it all again. Ole! Learn more about SMMEF-funded programs at every school in our district.