SMMUSD Teachers & Administrators:  “Why We Give”

Florence Culpepper, I House Principal, Samohi I give to the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation each year because as a District Administrator and proud Samohi parent, we see the impact of our donation, from arts education and STEM to academic interventions for all students. Every student in our district should have access to a world class education and your donation helps make it a reality. Mark Demick, Principal, Point Dume Marine Science School I support the Education Foundation because it’s the way we will make sure all of our students here at PDMSS and all schools in our District have an excellent arts education and improved literacy skills. Martha Duran-Contreras, 2nd Grade Teacher, Will Rogers Learning Community I give to my community in many ways; I have given of my time as a volunteer, and as a teacher I have given dreams and stronger futures to my students for over 35 years. I have given to the Education Foundation because I know they help those students’ dreams and futures become a reality. Anabella Fullerton, Kindergarten Teacher, Edison Language Academy The reason why I donated to the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation is because I feel strongly about providing all students the quality of programs we are so very fortunate to have. Here are the main reasons to give: my students and my assistant! Please join me in continuing to provide what our children deserve by supporting the Education Foundation. Sara and Glen Greenfield, Teachers, Lincoln Middle School As parents and teachers, we see the direct effects of well-funded schools. The Education Foundation offers a stable funding source to support high-quality education that benefits us all. The Foundation is our safety net, our silver lining, and evidence that our community supports quality public education. We give because it is a small price to pay for an education that lasts a lifetime. Kimberly Griffin, 5th Grade Teacher, John Muir Elementary School The Ed Foundation supports so many additional programs that used to be considered “the basics” when I was in school: art, music, science & technology, etc. From personal experience, I can say that this is an organization I know directly impacts the children and their education in a positive way. Genie Hwang, Teacher, SMASH The Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation has never been more critical in equalizing education for our District. As a SMMUSD teacher and parent, opportunity for all children has always proven to benefit the greater community by raising well-rounded, experienced students. Please join me in supporting the Ed Foundation. Tracy Kooy, 5th Grade Teacher, Grant Elementary School The Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation presents a great opportunity to provide support to every student in our District to take advantage of the great programs we have to offer. I am happy to offer my support as teaching is my passion and I’m inspired by watching our students learn and grow from the experience in our district. It is my belief that ALL students can learn with the proper access. Stacy LaDuke, 7th Grade Counselor, John Adams Middle School I’m happy to support the Education Foundation in its efforts to bring special programs to our schools, including sustaining our music and arts program, which is essential to developing student’s creative capabilities. I support the Ed Foundation as a staff member and as a parent at JAMS. Ellen Mark, Elementary Library Coordinator, Franklin I proudly support the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation. Over the years, SMMEF has contributed to a quality education in this District, and I want to make sure this continues. I believe all students in our District should have equal opportunity for the best education possible. Please join me in supporting the Education Foundation. Jill Matthews, Grade 4/5 Teacher, Juan Cabrillo Elementary School As a teacher, I am a proud supporter of our Ed Foundation and appreciate having highly-trained instructional assistants and a literacy coach. I am particularly excited that soon each elementary classroom be equipped with new technology! Having a device for each student will mean many opportunities for engaging students in 21st century teaching and learning. Liz Oyenoki, Senior Office Specialist, McKinley Elementary School I support the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation because supporting our schools is very important to me. Besides being a long time McKinley staff member, I am proud to call Santa Monica my home. My children attended McKinley and now my grandson is attending McKinley. I am excited to see our students receiving art, music and science instruction. I believe all students in our District should have equal opportunity for an excellent education. Any amount contributed will be greatly appreciated and utilizing the monthly payment plan is a great way to contribute with less impact on your budget. Please join me in supporting the Education Foundation. Adam Panish, HS Social Studies Teacher, Malibu High School I proudly support the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation because supporting our schools is important to me and I believe all students in our District will benefit from an excellent education. Please join me in supporting the Education Foundation. Angie Snow, 4th Grade Teacher, Roosevelt My commitment to Santa Monica-Malibu stems from having taught decades at Roosevelt Elementary and having our own children receive wonderful educations by attending district schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I believe supporting the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation is important because it will greatly enhance and preserve the district programs for all students for decades to come. Harlan Tarbell, Special Education Teacher, Olympic High School I have been supporting the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation for many years. I believe in their mission, helping and supporting students is what we are all about. As a teacher I have always been “student centered” – I am here for the students. I know that the Education Foundation shares my beliefs because I have seen their support and dedication to students. Karen Verham, 5th Grade Teacher, Webster Elementary School In this season of giving, I am delighted to support SMMEF’s annual fundraising campaign, which ensures that every child receives quality art and music instruction, that every teacher and instructional aide receives ongoing professional education, and that every family has the opportunity to collaborate on the educational team serving their school. I’ll be doubling my contribution now that Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp. is providing matching funds! Please join me and give to the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation today!